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Begin the journey. 

Events venue Christchurch. 

We say "Cheers"

It takes a village or at the very least a dream team to bring a wedding together.

Harpers Homestead works with a number of creative, passionate professionals who love weddings.

As we get to understand your dream you will get to know a few of these friends of Harpers.

In the meantime, we would like to personally acknowledge and say "cheers" to a few of those whose great work has featured on this website and in our social media:



  • Cassandra Kovacs

  • Claudia Pyke

  • Darren Burnett

  • Frank J Visser

  • The Heather & Doug Records

  • Jonathan Suckling

  • Jono Smit

  • Joseph O’Sullivan

  • Martin Sentunsky

  • Paul Wilson

  • Rebecca Bijl

  • Rueben Looi

  • Sarah Clements

  • Stacey Cavalier

  • Susannah Blatchford

  • Tandem Photography

  • Tegan Clark

Film & Photography

  • George & Jane Photography & Film

  • Leaves of Love Photography & Videography

  • Lovelight Wedding Cinema & Photography

  • Velvet Photo & Cinema


  • New Zealand Wedding Films

  • Media Works

  • Weka Films

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